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Bill Harken/Season 1
Portrayed By Malik Yoba
First Seen Pilot
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Jeannie Harken (wife)


Alpha Type Alphatype-hyperadrenal Hyperadrenal

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Throughout the early episodes, Bill chafes at the lack of professionalism among his new colleagues and works frequently to remind them they are not law enforcement in any official capacity. Whilst he respects the abilities, and is unquestionably protective, of Rachel and Gary, he seems to largely avoid Nina, presumably as much because of her tendency to take what she wants as her potential to 'push' him. He has a certain, generally subtle, power struggle with Dr. Rosen, and later Hicks, as the three men jockey to define their independence within their interdependence. "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure" marks a watershed moment in his collaboration with the team, as Bill does not take the obvious opening to get reinstated with the FBI.