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Baby Adam
Portrayed By Wynter (&Niamh) Andrew
Seen In "Life After Death"
Status Living
Gender Male


Alpha Type Hormone Augmentor

Adam is an Alpha and a Hormone Augmentor.


Season 2[]

Through unknown circumstances, Adam is taken to a lab working on a project to give infants Alpha abilities. One of the staff members, Magda Ryan, abducts Adam and takes him to Rosen. When she discovers that he isn't in the office, Magda leaves Adam with Gary.

Gary falls under the baby's influence and grows increasingly protective of him, risking his life to protect Adam from two invading Alphas. Later, Rosen gives Gary an antidote to the enhanced vasopressin levels. Bill and Jeannie Harken take Adam into their home while the government finds a permanent place for the child.


Adam can induce a state of protectiveness by augmenting the vasopressin levels in those around him. Inducing a powerful feeling of protectiveness towards him like a parent feels for their child. Anyone effected by Adams ability will care for and protect him with their lives.


The infant actor playing Adam is not identified in the credits.

The lab may be owned by Stanton Parish.