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Anna Levy
Portrayed By Liane Balaban
First Seen "Rosetta"
Last Seen "Gaslight"
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Age Deceased

Red Flag agent

Alpha Type Translator Translator

Anna Levy was a woman in her early 20s who claims some form of leadership within the organization Red Flag, with an Alpha ability of omnilingualism. She was introduced during the episode Rosetta.


Season 1[]

The team initially encountered Anna when they raided a Red Flag safe house, looking for Milos Kosar. They found her left behind, without the ability to speak or interact with those around her. While at first she appears to be autistic, Dr. Rosen decides that she has severe apraxia, which is a neurological condition that affects the ability to repeat muscular movements, although obviously Dr. Rosen's analysis could be wrong, as he relies on the false assumption that autistic people are not able to speak many languages. Anna is non-verbal.


Anna speaking her language.

However, Gary discovers that she has developed her own language based on those muscle movements that she can perform consistently, using a hairbrush and other items. Her alpha ability allows her to understand every language in the world, even technical languages.

The team initially believes that Red Flag was using Anna to encode all of their messages, and use her to track Kosar. But as they spend time together, Gary figures out that Anna is altering data to throw them off of Kosar's trail. Anna tells Gary the truth, "I don't work for them; they work for me". She tries to convince Gary to join Red Flag, encouraging him to take control of his own life, instead of letting his mother and Dr. Rosen determine it for him. Gary sneaks out a signal to notify the DoD, and to escape, Anna attacks him with an overload of transmitted data.

Anna sends Gary a message the night she escapes and says she is sorry and hopes that they are still friends.

Gary has formed a particular attachment to Anna, as they both have experienced people treating them as having less autonomy due to their disabilities. Even after her attack, they remain friends. Gary admits to staying in contact with Anna during The Unusual Suspects, but says they don't talk about "work".

Gary later visited her to find out information about Stanton Parish, but when Gary tells her that's what he wants to talk about she accidentally confirms to Gary that Stanton Parrish is alive. Meaning he is Red Flag's current leader secretly before having Gary leave.

She was among the members of Red Flag who were planing to come out with information Stanton Parrish gave them instructing to come to the meeting, but Parrish didn't show realizing the DoD would take care of getting rid of them and reveling to Red Flag operatives that they should retaliate when DoD tactical teams combined with Dr. Rosen's team enter the building and exterminate them. She is among the Red Flag members killed as revealed when Gary finds her dead causing him much pain in "Original Sin".

Season 2[]

She appeared in Gaslight She was Gary's hallucination affected by Jason Miller receiving treatment from the Photic Stimulator. She could talk without using the tablet. Gary was confused by her being there, he asked her "Are you haunting me?"

As Gary tried to figure it out, he and Anna went upstairs and Gary noticed that she would fade less and less as they got higher. Like a signal. Gary found out that the cause of the hallucinations was Infra-sound. He found out about Jason Miller and said he was gonna find him before Dr. Rosen. He and Anna went into the hospital room, and Gary locked the door. Dr. Rosen told him to open the door, but he wouldn't listen. Explaining he didn't want to lose Anna again, and how he couldn't save her at Highland Mills, but he could this time. Anna convinces Gary to open the door to let Dr. Rosen wake up Jason, saying "The neurodiverse need to be there for each other." Gary opened the door and Dr. Rosen woke Jason up. It showed Bill and Hick's hallucinations vanishing. Anna kissed Gary right before she disappeared.

At the end of the episode it revealed Gary as the Anna_Lives[1] Twitter page. Saying "The Revolution Is Coming"

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Translator alpha, the parts of Anna's brain responsible for communication and translation are greatly developed and enhanced granting her the ability to decipher and understand any language whether oral or written with ease. With her ability she can understand and communicate using any language including computer codes, granting her the ability to crack complex computer encryptions and understand computer programing with great proficiency. Anna can easily create new complex languages with words, sounds, codes or cyphers using her advanced understanding of language which compensates for her advanced apraxia.


  • It is possible that Anna and Gary began to fall for each other. This is evident in "Original Sin" when Gary sneaks off to see her, and Anna holds Gary's hand, which he happily accepts.
  • Anna's last name was revealed on the Alphas website on the Alphas locator. It was also on her tombstone in Gaslight She has the same last name as Adam Levy. One of the creators of the show


Anna_Lives is a Twitter page owned by Gary, he tweets about Alphas, and how they need to stick together. i.e Alphas are everywhere, though they may not be obvious. Be on the lookout. Be ready to help each other. It’s important.

Alphas are not deficient. Not broken. We are not the end of the world. Our future is what we decide it will be

This is Gary's way of honoring Anna.