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Anna's Bodyguard (The Big Man)
Portrayed By James Preston Rodgers
The Big Man
Seen In Original Sin
Status Deceased
Gender Male

Red Flag operative
one of Anna's bodyguards

Alpha Type Alphatype-hyperadrenal Hyperadrenal

"The Big Man" was an unnamed member of Red Flag who served as one of Anna's bodyguards. He was a Hyperadrenal.

Season 1[]

He was present when Gary met with her to gain some information regarding Red Flag and took Gary away when the meeting was interrupted, as he was ordered to by Anna.

He then went with Anna into the place where Stanton Parrish had set up a meeting with certain red flag operatives, however he did not show and was eventually killed during a firefight between tactical teams and Red Flag operatives that followed, after putting up a big fight.

Powers and Abilities[]

He, as a Hyperadrenal Alpha, is able to get "amped up" and also to move ten times his size and weight. He can be subject to an Influencer's compulsion.


  • The character's only lines were "Hands up." during Gary's pat down.
  • IMDb lists him as The Big Man