Season 2, Episode 6
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Air Date August 27, 2012
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"Alphaville" is the sixth episode of the second season Alphas. It airs on Syfy on August 27, 2012.




  • As the title suggests, the team finds a community of alphas in this episode. They filmed it in the woods somewhere. No cell phone signals for Gary. [1]
  • Guest characters include Skylar Adams (Summer Glau) and her daughter, Zoe, Alphaville founder Claude, an alpha called Benji who has the same ability as Rachel, Gower, another alpha who likes to play with electricity, (Electrogenic?), and Bip & Tricia, Scipio's new friends. [2]
  • has posted an extended clip from Summer's Q&A at Supanova Melbourne. Among other things, she talked about what she was looking forward to exploring in season two video. [3]
  • Kaniehtiio Horn will be appearing as Trisha and at least one more episode later on. The audition scenes for "Alphaville" describe her as the "lanky hyperkinetic who dueled Hicks at Highland Mills in Episode 111," but I guess the character has been recast this season. Either way, hyperkinetic, evil, and recurring. [4]




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