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Season 2, Episode 6
Air Date August 27, 2012
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"Alphaville" is the sixth episode of the second season Alphas. It aired on Syfy on August 27, 2012.


Rosen and the team seek out Skylar Adams to help analyze Stanton Parish's photic stimulator and discover that she is living with a colony of Alphas who have cut off all contact with the outside world. However, Stanton sends his own team to recover the stimulator and the colonists are caught between the two sides.


Rosen and Bill watch Cold War test footage of the use of light stimulation to trigger responses in brain activity. Bill doesn't see the connection but Rosen reminds him that Stanton had Burton fast track the development of the photic stimulator through the FDA Kat has taken it apart but found nothing, but Rosen figures that it was used to enhance Jason Miller's ability and thousand will be distributed shortly. Bill reminds him that Cley needs it by the next morning since it is evidence, but Rosen tells his teammate that it is going to Skylar Adams.

Rachel is at a diner trying to enjoy her meal with John, but her senses are too sensitive to make it a pleasant experience. She says that she has to go and John points out that she's not sharing her plans with him despite the fact that he's head of tactical. Rachel jokingly asks if he wants to protect him and says that it's sweet. When he takes her hand, she jumps at the touch, and says that they'll get there slowly, and leaves.

At the office, Rosen insists that Gary go with them because he monitors signals and because Stanton will come looking for the photic stimulator. Gary finally agrees as long as they appease him. Rachel meets them as they head out. Hicks goes with them and talks with Danielle, who is at home. He keeps their location vague but Danielle hears them talking in the background as Nina arrives and Gary mentions that she isn't allowed to push people anymore. Danielle isn't happy that Nina is going but Rosen assures them that Nina will be using her powers for good and Nina says that she has to do it. Hicks passes on Rosen's regards to his daughter and hangs up, and Danielle sends a message saying the team is on the move.

The team drives toward Skylar's location and Rosen admits that she wasn't specific. Gary traced the call Rosen made to her and the trace leads into the forest. They are finally so far out that Gary no longer gets any signal and he insists that they turn back. Several men emerge from the woods and say that they're trespassing. Rosen explains that they're looking for Skylar and Gary flashes his badge. The men realize that they're Feds and order them out, but Hicks keeps driving. One of the men touches the engine, shutting down the engine, and they realize that they're dealing with Alphas. Skylar arrives and tells the leader, Gower, to back off. She says that the men aren't friends of her... and Rosen isn't either. Skylar tells him to go home and walks away.

Rosen follows after Skylar, admitting that he needs her help despite his promise not to call her again. Nina asks her friend for her help, saying that it's important, and Rosen reminds Skylar that he helped her elude the NSA. She reluctantly takes them to the old summer camp and explains that it's a refugee center for Alphas hiding from the world... and Rosen. Meanwhile, Bill warns Hicks that they don't know which of them might be Stanton sympathizers and tells his teammate to stay with Rosen and the machine while Bill does a security check with the others.

Skylar examines the photic stimulator and her daughter Zoe comes in. She starts playing with the stimulator and Rosen distracts her by offering to show her how to make a giant bubble. He keeps Zoe distracted and admits to Skylar that he's had experience with his own daughter.

Bill and Gary look around and Gary complains that he can't pick up signals. Bees swarm Gary and an Alpha comes over and directs them away. He introduces himself as Claude and explains that he funded the colony. Bill warns that they could have problems with security but Claude points out that they have never had any problems. When Gary complains about the lack of signals, Claude says that Nature has signals of its own and walks off.

That night, Skylar continues examining the stimulator and complains about how difficult it is to raise an Alpha. Rosen sympathizes and she explains that they've gathered there to help each other. Skylar discovers that something is draining the machine's battery and wonders if it's a design flaw. Claude comes in with Zoe and Rosen introduces himself. The colony founder refuses to shake his hand and asks about the stimulator. Skylar doesn't answer and Claude irritably leaves. She explains that when Rosen announced to the world that there were Alphas, he angered many of the Alphas in the colony. As Skylar goes to dinner, Rosen insists on taking the stimulator with him despite her assurances that it's safe.

In the woods, Gary wants to go back to the office and get his things. He senses a pulsar overhead and tells He runs to a clear parking lot and tries to describe what he's seeing. They're unaware that a man with a butterfly knife has come up behind them. They go back to the colony, while the Alpha with the knife returns to the woods where Cornel Scipio and another prisoner are hiding out, watching Rosen's team. They're there to get the machine but only if Skylar figures how valuable it is.

As they eat, Gary tells Hicks that he's picking up on all of the smaller wavelengths that the plants and rocks are giving off. Meanwhile, Nina watches Skylar mother Zoe and comments that she's all grown up now. Skylar explains that she's there for Zoe, not herself, but admits that she isn't doing well. She notices the tension between Nina and the others, and Nina admits that she ruined it and now she feels isolated.

Rachel enjoys the honey wine and compliments Claude, who talks about how it's human nature to exploit other creatures. Rosen suggests it's a beneficial relationship and when one side breaks the bond, both suffer. Claude points out that it's their lives that Rosen is talking about and they didn't elect him as their spokesman. Rosen concedes the point and asks what Claude would do if his beehives were going to collapse no matter what he did. The founder has no answer to that.

As Rosen walks back to the cabin, Gower attacks him and momentarily stops his heart. Rosen drops the stimulator and it shatters on the ground. Before Gower can move in for the kill, Hicks hits him in the throat with a rock and the Alpha stumbles back, on the ground. Bill arrives and they demand to know what Gower knows about the stimulator. He says that he doesn't know what it is as Claude arrives and reminds them that they don't believe in violence. When Rosen says that they didn't start it, Gower says that he started the whole thing by going public, and his wife and kids left him. Rosen approaches Gower and explains that he spoke out because it was necessary. Claude cuts him off and tells Gower to go home, and then tells Rosen to leave in the morning.

The next morning, Gary is up at sunrise listening to the signals. Meanwhile, Skylar and Rachel replace the circuit boards and examine the machine, and Rachel spots a hidden control circuit embedded in the wires. Skylar says that it will take time to determine what it does and Rosen reminds her that they don't have time. Rachel suggests that Skylar and Zoe come with them, but Skylar says that the only reason she's there is for Zoe. When she wishes out loud that sometimes she wishes she was alone, Zoe comes in and overhears her. The girl runs off and Skylar goes after her. Rachel accidentally activates the stimulator and takes a blast of light in the face. She collapses and Rosen confirms that she's having a seizure. However, Rachel says that she can't see him and then clutches at her ears in agony.

As Skylar searches for Zoe, Gary approaches her and asks to get a cabin so he can stay there. She isn't interested and keeps searching.

Rosen realizes that the stimulator has amplified her Alpha ability, just like with Jason, but Skylar's modifications have made it even more potent. He tells Rachel to focus through her protocols and she manages to get control.

Skylar goes into the woods looking for Zoe and hears her daughter moving. Zoe is unaware that the stealth Alpha is standing right next to her. Skylar calls out that she didn't mean it and the Alpha moves in on her. When Skylar crosses a bridge, he draws his knife and reveals himself. Scipio steps onto the other side of the bridge and apologizes for scaring her, and then asks for the machine she fixed. When she says it isn't his to give, Scipio says that Rosen stole it and they want it back. The other Alpha drops Zoe's doll on the bridge in silent threat.

Bill gets Rachel to the van as Gary arrives. He tells them that he's staying and Nina reminds him that there's no takeout food. Gary doesn't believe her and runs off. Meanwhile, Rosen goes back to the cabin and discovers that the machine is gone and someone has left Zoe's doll. He goes outside and finds Gary, who points out where Skylar went into the woods.

Skylar brings the stimulator to the abandoned barn and demands her daughter. When Scipio refuses, she aims a modified taser on Scipio. Rosen arrives and tells her that Scipio works for Stanton and can't be trusted, and Skylar tells him that her daughter is hostage. Scipio grabs her wrist and burns it with his power, disarming her, and Rosen goes for the bag. Rather than run, he triggers the device, stunning Scipio. Rosen then grabs Skylar and takes her to the van, promising they'll find Zoe.

The team drives through the forest and Rachel uses her super-enhanced abilities to locate Zoe a quarter mile away. Bill and Hicks head out and Skylar insists on going with them. The two men approach the old house and Hicks prepares to go in via an upstairs window.

At the barn, Scipio wakes up and discovers that his power is greater than before, letting him generate vast fires at a distance rather than by touch.

Hicks climbs through the upstairs window .

Rachel smells smoke and warns the others that the fire is heading toward the camp. Rosen, Nina, and Rachel drive back to warn the others.

Hicks steps on a floorboard as he moves through the second floor of the house. The stealth Alpha moves in behind him as Hicks comes out on a balcony and sees Zoe and the other Alpha below. She sees the hidden Alpha and shouts a warning, and Hicks shoots him in the foot. Hicks jumps down and shoots the gun out of the last Alpha's hands, but she attacks him with a knife and similar abilities to his own. She manages to take him down with a saw blade but Bill smashes through the wall and knocks her out.

Skylar arrives and calls out to her daughter, who has fled to the basement. Her mother embraces her and they get out. However, Scipio is waiting for them and ignites the stairway out of the basement. The trio retreat with the girl and Skylar leaves Zoe with Hicks. She then looks through the junk in the basement and says that she can fix it.

As the team arrives at the camp, everyone tries to evacuate from the oncoming fire. Rosen helps Gower to get some to the Alphas to safety but Claude accuses him of doing too much already.

Skylar and Bill assemble a makeshift fire extinguisher out of the parts while Zoe helps Cameron with her wound. Once the device is finished, Skylar gets Zoe out while Bill carries Hicks to safety. Rosen and the others pull up in the van and Bill says that they have to get Hicks to the hospital.

Later in town, Skylar takes her daughter to a diner and Zoe draws a picture of the two of them. Stanton finds them and offers Skylar an environment where the two of them can thrive. He introduces himself and apologizes for his colleagues getting carried away. Stanton offers her the chance to make the world a better place for her daughter, and Skylar reaches for her taser.

Back at the office, John comes to see Rachel and see how she's doing. She explains about how her senses opened up and that Rosen isn't sure if she'll go back to the way she was. John offers her an origami swan and Rachel tells him that he gets her. She assures him that despite everything, she's still there and kisses him.

Danielle arrives and worries that Hicks could have been killed. She apologizes but Hicks says that he could get medical leave and spend it with her.

Rosen tells Bill that he informed Cley that the machine was burned up in the fire. Bill points out that Scipio knew they would be there and Rosen figures that someone close to them is with Stanton. He asks Bill to vet everyone and to keep the rest of the team out of the loop.

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  • Gary: Everything has a signal. Even this food. It sounds like 'Wuppa wuppa wuppa wup wup. Wuppa wup wup wuppa wup. Wuppa wuppa wup wup wuppa'.


  • As the title suggests, the team finds a community of alphas in this episode. They filmed it in the woods somewhere. No cell phone signals for Gary. [1]
  • Guest characters include Skylar Adams (Summer Glau) and her daughter, Zoe, Alphaville founder Claude, an alpha called Benji who has the same ability as Rachel, Gower, another alpha who likes to play with electricity, (Electrogenic?), and Bip & Tricia, Scipio's new friends. [2]
  • SpaceMeatProductions has posted an extended clip from Summer's Q&A at Supanova Melbourne. Among other things, she talked about what she was looking forward to exploring in season two video. [3]
  • Kaniehtiio Horn will be appearing as Trisha and at least one more episode later on. The audition scenes for "Alphaville" describe her as the "lanky hyperkinetic who dueled Hicks at Highland Mills in Episode 111," but I guess the character has been recast this season. Either way, hyperkinetic, evil, and recurring. [4]
  • When they enter Alphaville, Bill tells Hicks to stay with Rosen and "the machine," refering to Skylar. This is a play on the fact that the actress who portrays Skylar, Summer Glau, is most famous for her portrayal of a Terminator in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • Elias Toufexis returns as Scipio in this episode.
  • Kat does not appear in this episode.



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