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Alpha Dogs
Season 2, Episode 3
Air Date August 6, 2012
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"Alpha Dogs" is the third episode of the second season Alphas. It aired on Syfy on August 6, 2012.


Harken and Hicks find a fight club for Alphas; Rosen traces Stanton Parish's past back to 1864.


Bill is at home in the bathroom taking medicine for his heart condition. His wife Jeannie asks if he’s okay and he lets her in. She suggests that they call in sick but Bill says that he has to go to work, and Jeannie says that he’s too stressed. Her husband insists that he has it under control and leaves.

Gary’s mother Sandra lays out his breakfast and calls him down, and then listens to him scream upstairs. He then comes down and starts eating. She calls Rosen, who suggests that Gary screaming is a cathartic release. Sandra worries that her son isn’t coping and feels that he’s gone back to work too soon, but Rosen insists that work is good for him. Rosen promises to find some time to speak to him.

When Rosen brings Gary to the office, Rachel meets them in the elevator and complains that her parents are all over her and not treating her as an adult. Rosen suggests that she might move out and find her own apartment again. As they get to the office, she notices someone reeking of cologne and goes to find him. In Bill’s office she meets their new tactical agent, John Bennett, Rachel tells him to tone down the body spray just as Rosen comes in and tells them that an Alpha has been killed.

They go to the morgue and confirm that the dead man is Jack Duffy, a Building Seven escapee who can generate electricity. He was killed with hydrochloric acid and Rachel confirms that it was a form of spit. They figure that he was killed by another Alpha, and Rachel finds a phone number written on the dead man’s man. They call it and get a voice mail about a delivery that night to an address with the word “Bolivia”. Rosen has Bill take point on it and find someone who knows what happened to Duffy while Rosen and Gary try to track down Stanton.

Bill, Hicks, Rachel, and John go to the address that night and Rachel hears people cheering inside. She needs a closer look to smell the acid and Bill has her stay in the SUV with John while he and Hicks go in. They find that the gathering is a fight club and the bouncers ask what they want. Bill gives the code word, “Bolivia,” and they figure they’re fighters. The two men go in and realize that the fighters are Alphas.

Outside, Rachel catches a whiff of a scent but complains to John that she can’t get past his scent. She gets out of the SUV, follows the odor, and calls Hicks to tell him that the killer is there. Rachel walks down an alleyway following the scent and a man comes out. She notices an acid burn on his neck and the man says that someone named Ivan Bazevich spit on him. John comes over and gets in the newcomers face, and the man says that he’s going to kick Bazevich’s ass when the Alpha shows up. As they go back to the van, Rachel thanks John for coming after her.

When the current fight is over, the managers call Bill into the ring, explaining that first-timers have to fight. As Bill amps up and starts fighting, a girl named Kat comes over and chats with Hicks, warning that Bill will lose. She explains that Bill’s opponent can mess with his target’s eyes, and knows all about Alphas. Kat tells Hicks that all of the fighters are Alphas and walks away.

Back at the office, Gary tries to research Stanton on the Internet. They connect him to Major Jacob Dunham, the name he used during the Civil War, and Rosen has Gary check the hospital records where Dunham was treated. As they work, Rosen mentions Gary’s screaming, and he finally admits that he screams to cope with the stress of recent trauma; the government killing Anna Levy, and his incarceration. Rosen assures Gary that it’s okay to express his frustration, but suggests he might find a way that doesn’t frighten his mother.

After Bill loses, he and Hicks go out to join the others, who give them the name of the acid spitter. John has already confirmed that he served a term upstate. As one of the managers comes out with Kat, Bill asks if the fight the previous night got rough. The manager is non-committal and tells Bill not to bother coming back, but Kat vouches for him, saying that she’ll train Bill. She gives Bill her number and says that she wants to help him win so that she can bet on him and cash in.

The next morning, Gary comes down to breakfast without screaming. However, he has his pillow and his suitcase with him. He tells Sandra that he’s taking Rosen’s advice and going to live in his office so that he doesn't frighten her. When Rosen arrives to pick Gary up, Sandra complains to him and he assures her that he didn't tell Gary to move out. Gary points out that Rosen told Rachel to leave her parent’s home, and Sandra forbids him from going to work or moving out. When Gary insists, Rosen tells him that there’s nothing important at work and they’ll call him if they need him, and that they should sit down and discuss his future soon. Gary goes inside and Sandra follows after glaring angrily at Rosen.

At the office, Rachel gets the DoD files on Bazevich and Hicks says that the fight club is their best chance to catch Ivan. When Rosen objects to any actual fighting, Hicks points out that Bill seems to want the fights and that he’s training right now.

Kat is at her apartment watching video on fighters and listening to a video on neurological studies. Bill arrives and Kat briefs him on the different opponents he’ll face. When he asks about Bazevich, Kat warns him that the man is dangerous. She then begins an intense kickboxing routine following the movements she was watching on the video, and Bill realize that she’s an Alpha when she admits that she just learned how to kickbox.

John comes by Rachel’s office and explains that he picked up different soaps so she could pick the least offensive. Happy that he came by, Rachel thanks him for his consideration.

Bill starts sparring but refuses to amp up just for practice. Kat suggests that his problem is that he’s holding back all the time and the pressure is building up. She tells him to stop fighting who he is and let go. Bill relaxes and Kat tells him that when he wants his ability, it’ll be there. When he snaps out of it, he discovers that he’s demolished her makeshift studio.

Rosen goes to the hospital and finds the files that Dunham’s doctor, Zachary Harrison, left in the archives. Inside the storage box is a photo of Stanton. Harrison wrote an entry about how in 1862, he found Stanton on the field of battle, shot in the head and clearly dead. The doctor witnessed Stanton recovered from the seemingly fatal wound. Back at the office, Hicks comes by to talk to Rosen and notices the files. According to Harrison’s entries, he kept Stanton’s name out of his files and continued to treat him for the next two years. During that period, he tested Stanton’s accelerated healing abilities and discovers that they were increasing as he got stronger. Rosen explains to Hicks that Stanton is an Alpha, and figures that they can learn what drives him from reading about his formative years. He then asks Hicks what he wanted to talk about, and Hicks tells him that he’s in a relationship with Danielle. Rosen admits that Nina had already told him, but that he could already tell just by looking at them. He assures Hicks that it’s okay as long as he makes Danielle happy.

Bill is in his office meditating when Jeannie comes in and asks if he’s okay. He tells his wife that he’s never felt better without the pills and Jeannie explains that she brought him supper. She asks if he’s hungry and he assures her that he is as he closes the office door and holds her.

The next day, Rosen meets with Gary and Sandra. Gary insists that he’s being practical and that it’s safer at their office. Sandra accuses Rosen of supporting Gary against her wishes, and Rosen says that it’s important that they both support Gary whatever he wants to do. He asks Sandra if it’s too big a step for Gary or for her and takes her hand.

Bill and Kat go out for hot dogs and she admits that she can’t remember what a hot dog tastes like. She promises Bill that she’ll be there to gamble on Bill’s fight that night. Bill asks if Bazevich will be there and Kat says that she doesn't know everything. When he wonders how she got involved, Kat says that she just found herself there and explains that she can’t remember anything that happened to her more than a month ago. Her brain erases old memories to make room for all of the new data she inputs, and Kat says that right now the fights and the people there are her family. When Bill asks if it’s lonely, Kat tells him not to try play papa bear to her.

Rosen and Gary go to the university to check the microfiche records and find a newspaper article on Harrison’s murder right before his presentation. Reading between the lines, Rosen concludes that Stanton realized that Harrison was going to speak about his abilities. When Harrison refused to stop, Stanton killed him.

Bill and Hicks arrive at the fight club and Bill notices that Kat isn’t there. Bill volunteers to fight and the managers let him in. An Alpha with a flexible body takes the challenge. As he bounces back and forth over Bill, Bill simply concentrates and draws on his power. He then throws a single punch, knocking him out as the crowd cheers.

Outside, Rachel and John are running stakeout on the building. They talk about how military service runs in the Bennett family. Rachel picks up the scent of acid and tracks it to the car that Bazevich used to drive there.

Bill prepares for his next challenger and is surprised when Kat steps into the ring. He tries to warn her off but Kat assures him it isn't personal. She fights replaying all of the martial arts movies that she has been watching. outmaneuvering him despite his superior strength. Kat finally drops him with a nerve strike and Hicks goes to check on him. The manager tells Kat that some people want to talk to her about a high-paying job. She agrees and goes off with the two people, who are dressed in suits. They take her out to the SUV that Rachel identified, and Hicks and Bill join John and Rachel to follow Kat.

Rachel and John

As they approach an abandoned factory, Rachel picks up Bazevich’s acid scent. She can hear hospital machines and respirators, weaponry, and security systems. John calls in backup as Rachel tells her team that she can hear Kat being gassed unconscious and then prepped for surgery. Bill insists on going in immediately and Hicks reluctantly follows him.

Bill storms in, yelling for Kat, but is forced to retreat when some of the security shows and and starts shooting at him. He grabs a vending machine and uses it as a shield, shoving it ahead of him and knocking out the men. Continuing on, Bill finds a room filled with unconscious Alphas hooked up to medical machines. He finds Kat and frees her, unaware that a mercenary is preparing to shoot him. Hicks deflects the bullet with another bullet while John takes down the shooter. Kat wakes up without any serious injuries.

Later, the DoD arrive and they confirm that Basevich was a prisoner there as well and has been dead for two days. Meanwhile, Kat tells Bill that she could have escaped for her own while Rosen checks her condition. He also wants to check on Bill, but Bill insists that there’s no downside to his ability now. Kat realizes that they’re Alpha agents and says that they want her on their team, but they insist that there is no team.

Later, Rachel visits John at the office and gives him the perfect soap. She finally works up the nerve to invite him out to dinner. John points out that it would be unprofessional for them to date when they’re working together and Rachel walks away, embarrassed.

Stanton goes to his favorite restaurant and finds Rosen waiting for him. Rosen has realized that Stanton provided him with the research, and Stanton explains that he killed Harrison because the doctor wanted to use him. After Harrison’s death, he reenlisted and helped saved the Union, and hopes that Rosen will understand his unique perspective. He was shot again and again down through the centuries, fighting in the U.S. military. Stanton wants to stop the bloodshed, but Rosen points out that he’s said that a war is coming. The Alpha says that ordinary people react with fear and violence, and Rosen talks about his interest in seeing the whole picture. Stanton tells him to try the tuna melt and leaves.

Sandra goes to the office and prepares Gary’s new bed. He insists that he has his own bed there and she tells him good night. As Sandra goes, Gary promises to call her in the morning after he screams but before breakfast, and Sandra assures him that she’ll answer.

Bill goes back to the fight club and tells the manager that he’s there to fight.

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John Bennett: Rachel. I've heard a lot about you.
Rachel: What did you tell him?
Bill: I didn't tell him anything. But if I did, I would have told him all the good stuff. 

Gary: That's cool. It's poison spit.
Rachel: Yeah.
Gary: It's like a cobra. I like that. He didn't like that, though because it melted his skin. I--I'm being inappropriate.

John Bennett: I figured while we're on stakeout, you should get to at least choose how I smell. Which really sounded a whole lot better in my head.

Bill: What do you want me to do, huh? Sit on the floor, burn some incense, say "om"?                                       Kat: As much as I'd like to see that, no.

Kat: You're Alpha secret agents, right? You're Alpha-                                                                                   Rosen: You're going to be fine, just take it easy...

Kat: You want me on your team, I'm awesome!


  • Kat gets introduced in this episode.[1]
  • Kat helps Harken better control his power.[2]
  • Nina does not appear in this episode.
  • Introduces the first character back story told in flashbacks (Stanton Parish) and a new recurring character. Fans of John Pyper-Ferguson will definitely be geeking out at some of the references, assuming the script hasn't been changed in the meantime.[1]
  • The new recurring guy is called John Bennett and he is the new head of Tactical. (In case you're panicking: as of 2x08, Nathan Clay is alive and well.)[1]
  • Other guest characters include a bunch of fighters with special abilities (Super-Flex, Kung Fu Guy, Fighter). Another character who gets mentioned quite a bit in the audition scenes is Bazevich, an alpha (ex-Binghamton) Rachel and Bennett are trying to track down.[1]
  • IMDB only has two guest stars listed so far: Simon Northwood, as Bruiser and Jason Gosbee as Jack Duffy. They both did some stunt work on the show in season one. Scott A. Cavalheiro and Spud Jones also appear in the episode. They mentioned it on Twitter at the time.[1]



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