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You are not 'screwed up', if anything you are all extremely gifted.

—Lee Rosen, talking to Cornell Scipio about Alphas and their abilities

An Alpha is an ordinary person with extraordinary abilities. Specifically, they possess a brain anomaly that has imbued them with superhuman ability. These abilities usually come with a difficult social psychology; the Alpha's perspective is skewed by their ability, making relating to other people more difficult. For some, this can mean inclusion somewhere in the Autism spectrum Disorder (Gary). For others, this can mean a short temper.

According to the website there are 70,993 Alphas in the United States alone. Proportionally, this means around .02% of human beings exhibit Alpha abilities (about 1 in 4500).

All Alphas are sensitive to infrasound. They tend to hallucinate images based on their responses to the subliminal content of infrasound messages.

There are over 20 types of Alphas. Below are some the abilities revealed on the show:

Acid Generator Alphas[]

  • Alphas that can automatically produce a variety of digestive enzyme that act on specific substances allowing them to easily consume and digest virtually any substance without injury.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Acid Generator.

Adomopathic Alphas[]

  • Alphas that can automatically learn anything and adapt that knowledge to suit their needs. They can perfectly master, execute and utilize any skill they had observed once, without the need for practice.
  • Alphas mind has unlimited storage capacity, and is able to immediately recall any information with perfect clarity
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Adomopathic.

Bliss Inducement Alphas[]

  • These Alphas can over-stimulate the pineal gland, causing a drug-like feeling of peace in their victims. Those affected see lights, holy visions, and are easy to influence. If the influenced person is not treated to a certain drug (L-Dopa) they will eventually die.

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For more detailed information, see the main article, see Bliss Inducement .

Cognitive Interpreter Alphas[]

  • Alphas automatically detect, sense and comprehend the emotions, moods, temperaments, psychology, behavior, motivations, fears, deepest desire, etc. of others (includes animals and plants) without reading apparent symptoms.
  • This allows these alphas to understand anyone, and discover hidden thoughts, desire and emotions, they can communicate with, attack, manipulate and help others in a personal and emotional way since they know exactly what mentality, emotions, desires and thoughts are flowing through them and can use this knowledge.
  • Alphas automatically sense when a lie is being conveyed.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Cognitive Interpreter.

Elastic Alphas[]

These Alphas' anatomies are abnormally flexible, allowing their body to stretch and bend in ways the human body normally can not.

For more detailed information see the main article see Elastic Alpha.

Electrogenic Alphas[]

  • Electrogenic Alphas can create, interface with, shape and manipulate electrical signals.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Electrogenic.

Empathetic Contagion Alphas[]

  • Can pass their emotions on to others and make the target feel what they are feeling.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Empathetic Contagion.

Healer Alphas[]

  • Alphas automatically perceive anatomical structures and functions and can intuitively detect bodily anomalies and assess them 
  • Alphas instantly understand the healing properties of subjects in one's environment and know what must be done to heal the subject.
  • Alphas can cause other living things to heal injuries at an increased rate via physical contact on the sight of injury.

For more detailed information, see the main article see Healer

Hyper-Accelerator Alphas[]

  • These alphas can run faster than any other human. They often move faster than the human eye can perceive.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Hyper-Accelerator .

Hyperadrenal Alphas[]

  • Hyperadrenal Alphas are able to utilize the fight-or-flight response to increase their strength and speed. The strength exhibited by hyperadrenal Alphas is sufficient to move a SUV, while the speed has been shown to have been able to catch up to a moving vehicle.
  • These alphas are able to exert 100% of the body's muscular strength, maximizing the capacity. Thus utilizing the naturally unlimited form of human strength and endurance without harming themselves. This grants them superhuman strength. Lets them perform feats, such as lifting cars or pulling street signs out of the cement. It also grant superhuman durability, being attacked in the back of the head with a lead pipe and suffered no ill damage whatsoever.
  • These alphas can neutralize their sensitivity to physical pain and discomfort.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Hyperadrenal.

Hypercognitive Alphas[]

  • Hypercognitive Alphas have a perfect mind-to-body connection. They posses the ability to control one's brain and everything the brain controls. Due to this, they are able to heal from any injury, including death. They also have an immortal lifespan. Their ability can restore biotic organisms to optimal health.

For For more information, see the main article, see Hypercognitive..

Hyperkinetic Alphas[]

  • Alphas physical abilities are heightened, they can perform any physical act without difficulty.
  • Alphas automatically achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position. They adjust their position by instinct, enabling them to balance themselves on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow
  • Alphas have flawless accuracy and dexterity, and automatically react to and hit any/all targets, no matter how improbable the odds are or fast it is. They can easily shoot down a bullet aimed at him and hit the target with the exact same bullet without even having to aim at the target. Making these alphas flawless marksman
  • Alphas possesses extraordinary reflexes that are entirely involuntary. Due to this they can be used to attack and counter instead of for just defensive purposes.They can flawlessly coordinate their movements, automatically achieving maximum efficiency in any action. Making these alphas flawless fighters
  • Alphas mind is in a state of total awareness and reaction not impeded by higher mental function or emotion, more open and reactive to subtle sensory input, intuition, and spontaneous action. It is a mind that is totally calm a mind not influenced or caught up in events or emotion, thus a mind more able to freely perceive and automatically respond to any situation for the advantage of the user. The mind is only capable of cold, flawless, logical, calculations and meticulous construction of optimal strategy that will yield the most efficient results. They automatically adapt perfectly to all factors before they even appear, achieving maximum efficiency in everything; offense, defense, and strategy, ensuring optimal success as long as there is a possibility. Automatically choosing from a certain pathway of choices, a number which will ensure the highest likelihood of making them victorious in any kind of outcome. Thus automatically ensuring victory through a certain sequence of choices.
  • Alphas mind automatically performs an infinite number of simultaneous calculations, allows them to identify all the variables and quantum possibilities in any situation, and automatically adjust the outcome so it is the most optimal and favorable to them.
  • Alphas automatically perceive and understand all cause and effect relations, instantly deducing the path leading to any effect, allowing them automatically to plan, analyze, and take action with absolute efficiency. Making these alphas flawless tacticians, strategist, decision makers.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Hyperkinetic.

Influencer Alphas[]

  • Mind Control or Mental Persuasion
  • Alphas possess an infallibility; charismatic personality and manipulative nature, capable of forcing sudden and profound changes to the psychological state of others.
  • Alphas automatically exert their willpower over others, dominate them, and make them subservient. Influencing and persuading others (even animals) to do anything they wish.
  • Alphas automatically take hold of others thought process and manipulating them serve the alphas own goal
  • These Alphas can convince others of virtually anything. 
  • These Alphas can make suggestions to the subconscious of others
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Influencer.

Memory Recorder Alphas[]

  • Can retain other people's memories.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Memory Recorder.

Morphogene Alphas[]

  • These Alphas can alter and transform one's own body, voice, appearance, all physical traits anyway the user wishes.
  • These Alphas have complete control over her body
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Morphogene.

Navigator Alphas[]

  • Alphas automatically and constantly perceive their entire surrounding with flawless awareness without missing any details.
  • Alphas automatically perceive the spatial distances, create a mental map of an area and track down others
  • Alphas automatically identify and escape dangerous situations, evade opponents, maneuver in any environment, track others down, etc with flawless efficiency and without consciously thinking out a plan of action.
  • Alphas automatically perceive perceive all unaltered factual information about everything in their surroundings. As such these alphas possesses no blind spot, can never be caught off guard, and will always find their way around.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Navigator.

Necrotic Inducement Alphas[]

  • Able to let viruses circulate through victim's blood, drawing energy in the process.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Necrotic Inducement.

Osteo-Regenerator Alphas[]

  • Alphas that can automatically and quickly heal damaged bones, cartilages, teeth to perfect condition.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Osteo-Regenerator.

Inhibitor Alphas[]

  • Proprioceptive Alphas are able to take advantage of the human "blind spot". Alpha ability effects other people's optic nerves, expanding the blind spot to accommodate their size.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Proprioceptive Inhibitor.

Perspective Manipulating Alpha[]

  • Perspective Manipulating Alpha are able to effect peoples sight and make their target see multiple versions of themselves

for more detailed information,see the main article,see Perspective Manipulating Alpha

Generator Alphas[]

  • Pheromone Generator Alphas can secrete powerful pheromones that have a variety of effects on others.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Pheromone Generator.

Pyrotechnic Alphas[]

  • Pyrotechnic Alphas produce binary chemicals which react at different points of excretion on the Alpha's body such as the Alpha's palms to produce a violent thermal reaction capable of starting intense conflagrations. This ability is not unlike the defense of the Bombardier Beetle.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Pyrotechnic.

Quantitative Aptitudinal Alphas[]

Quantitative Aptitudinal
  • Alphas automatically understand the mechanics behind any issue or concept they face and know what must be done to solve any problem and and formulate how to overcome any obstacle.  
  • Alphas instantly understand the workings of anything regardless of how simple or complex. 
  • Alphas automatically perform any calculations with flawless efficiency and accuracy.
  • Alphas automatically understand all quantitative conventions and have intuitive understanding of all forms of mathematics and science, and have capability to perceive and comprehend the fundamentals of probability.
  • Alphas automatically solve, measure, and calculate problems through numbers and flawless logic without using mathematical operations, but through pure intuition. 
  • Alphas automatically understand the operation of any mechanical device and subconsciously/effortlessly create a schematic in their mind and can rapidly build anything with ease from anything with flawless results.
  • Alphas mind has unlimited storage capacity and is able to immediately recall any information stored with perfect clarity.
  • Alphas continuously and without limit incorporates information gathered from the external environment. Depending on the things the user understands and the information the user knows about, additional information can be inferred. 
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Quantitative Aptitudinal.

Sonic Alphas[]

  • Sonic Alphas rely on some form of echo location. They are able to determine the location of objects in the environment by use of reflected sound waves.
  • Sonic Alphas are able to generate ultrasonic vibrations capable of causing a building to slowly break down.
  • Sonic Alphas possessed a set of vocal cords that produced a sonic frequency beyond the range of human capability which allows them to manipulate their voice any way they wish.
  • Sonic Alphas are able to speak, sing, whisper, yell, hum, etc. in any pitch or tone. The user can speak in an extremely low pitch or a very high pitch
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Sonic.

Synesthete Alphas[]

  • Synesthete Alphas are apparently able to control sensory processing in the brain. A typical use of this ability is to refocus mental resources from other senses into one. The one focused sense is enhanced to a superhuman degree
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Synesthete.

Transducer Alphas[]

  • Alphas automatically perceive all wavelengths in surrounding area, and electromagnetic fields outside of their direct line of physical sight.
  • Alphas automatically sense their surrounding environment by generating electric fields and detecting distortions in these fields. This allows them to detect non-living objects as well as living beings.
  • Alphas automatically perceive and comprehend all and unaltered factual information about everything in their surroundings without problems.
  • Alphas intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with/without accessing any standard source of communication, they can generate signals through one electronic device to another or be an essence a living wireless hub/computer.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Transducer.

Translator Alphas[]

  • Alphas that can automatically understand and flawlessly utilize all languages and forms of communication, even to the point of inventing new ones.
For more detailed information, see the main article, see Translator.

Wall Climbing Alphas[]

  • Wall-climbing alphas have the ability to crawl, walk, and run up up any surface.

For more detailed information see the main article Wall Climber.

Weakness Detector Alphas[]

  • Alphas automatically detect weaknesses or flaws of anything, including people and objects, as well as more insubstantial targets such as relationships, societies, organizations, laws of nature, etc.
  • Alphas can automatically strike the weaknesses of anyone/anything.
For For more detailed information, see the main article, see Weakness Detector .