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Agnes Walker
Portrayed By Kandyse McClure
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First Seen The Devil Will Drag You Under
Last Seen The Devil Will Drag You Under
Status Living
Gender Female

Red Flag Operative

Alpha Type Cognitive Interpreter

Anges Walker is an associate of Stanton Parish's and an alpha with the ability to see other people's memories and thoughts by touching them. Her job is to find out information on new recruits before they are allowed to become an active member of Red Flag.


Season 2[]

The Devil Will Drag You Under[]

When Cameron arrives at Stanton Parish's manor, he asks for a face-to-face meeting with Stanton, but Scipio tells him to be patient. Agnes comes down and says that Stanton wanted her to talk to Cameron. Scipio tells Cameron that nobody can hide anything from her and they tie him to a chair. Agnes explains that when she touches someone it rips open their mind. She goes to work and Cameron screams in agony, while outside Stanton listens. Agnes sees all of Cameron's immediate memories, including his discussing Stanton with Danielle and her suggesting that she set up a meeting. She finally stops and offers Cameron something to drink. Agnes apologizes for causing him pain and admits that she can't turn off her ability. She tells Cameron that he's lucky to have someone like Danielle and figures that she'll be seeing her again soon. However, she warns Cameron that there is still something in his mind, something out of focus, and Cameron tells her to go back to work. Agnes finishes her interrogation and leaves Cameron alone. When he wakes up, he finds Stanton waiting for him, saying that Agnes gave him top marks. Later, Parish asks Agnes to interrogate Dani, because he is questioning her allegiance. Agnes drives to Parish's freighter Cerberus, and Cameron secretly follows her on his motorcycle.

Agnes arrives at the Cerberus and Stanton tells her to find out everything about Danielle while he goes to handle the distribution of the grenades. When Agnes points out that Danielle spooked him, Stanton admits that she made him doubt for a moment. Once he leaves, Agnes goes to the tool cage where Danielle is kept and prepares to interrogate her. Cameron breaks in and draws a gun on Agnes, who wonders how he shielded his mind. She wants to know and promises not to scream if he lets her touch him. Cameron agrees and Agnes discovers that Rosen used a combination of inhibitor drugs and Nina's pushes to let him resist telepathic probes. Nina then implanted a command for him to find Danielle no matter what it takes. Agnes, surprised that Cameron went through so much for Danielle, gives them ten minutes. Cameron takes her phone and Dani later uses it to call Parish.

Powers and Abilities[]

Agnes has the ability to perceive other peoples thoughts and memories upon skin to skin contact. Her ability is incredibly painful for those she uses it on causing them to be strapped down and gagged so they don't swallow their tongues. She experiences a fraction of the pain herself as she is connected to them when they experience it. Agnes's ability is constantly active causing her to cover her skin as much as possible. Her ability makes it nearly impossible for her to experience normal human physical contact.