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Acid Generator
Acid Geneorator
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Description Alpha can spit hydrochloric acid able to slightly burn human skin.
  • Ivan Bazevich
That's cool. It's poison spit... It's like a cobra. I like that. He didn't like that, though because it melted his skin.

Gary Bell on acid generation.

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Acid Generator Alphas are able to secrete a highly corrosive acid through their salivary glands before spitting the substance at a victim.


  • Quick thinking


Humans bear within themselves a measure of acidity, and acid in the human body is found mostly within the gastrointestinal system. The human stomach uses hydrochloric acid, usually at a concentration of around 0.5%, along with maceration, to break down food.

Acid Generators probably have a modified digestive system, along with a more active control of their autonomic nervous system. Their alpha mutation allows them to induce a sort of food-less vomit, ejecting stomach acid at will. This means their esophagus and mouth cavity are essentially immune to acid, their acid production is increased or more concentrated, and the muscles of their stomach and intestinal sphincters are under their control.

It is not clear if an Acid Generator's skin and other organs such as nose and eyes are immune to his own acid, hydrochloric acid, or any other forms of acid. Pne theory is that the substance the produce only becomes acidic after it leaves the Alpha's body.

Known Acid Generator Alphas[]